Rubber-Edged Composites and Select-a-Seal® Rubber-edged Composite (REC) gaskets comprise an innovative category of sealing technology, combining an elastomeric edge with a composite carrier.

Supplied by Interface Sealing Solutions from a TS 16949 certified facility and marketed under the Select-a-Seal (SAS) name, REC gaskets are technically reliable, cost-effective sealing solutions that provide stable bolt-load retention (BLR) and an adhesion-based sealing mechanism.

Whether it’s for existing applications or brand-new products, many leading Tier One component suppliers, engine manufacturers, and OEMs from a wide range of markets have chosen REC solutions to significantly improve gasket reliability, reduce warranty expense, and achieve a Lower Total Cost (LTC).

Select a Seal, Scandura

Rubber Edge or Compressible Base

Superior adhesion equals a durable seal

Most seals act either as a compressible barrier or an adhesive barrier. Select-a-Seal® combines the two, offering not only compressive sealing, but providing stronger adhesion than RTV silicone. The adhesive properties help maintain the seal over time and, unlike most adhesive compounds, the material peels easily off flanges without chiseling or scraping. Select-a-Seal REC allows the perfect match of elastomer to sealing medium. Whether an application involves air, coolant, or lubricants, there’s an appropriate elastomer that can seal it.

Compressible Base

Engineered for mechanical strength and stable bolt-load retention

The REC gasket base is chosen for superior shear resistance, physical strength, and temperature resistance. Its density and pore structure provide optimum conformability to flange surface finishes, flatness, and other irregularities in the finish. The resiliency of the material can also be selected to minimize vibration and noise. All Select-a-Sea®l materials are non-corrosive to metal surfaces and require minimum tooling costs to manufacture.

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Select a Seal, ScanduraSelect a Seal, ScanduraSelect a Seal, ScanduraSelect a Seal, ScanduraSelect a Seal, Scandura