Scandura can manufacture a wide range of gaskets, seals, breathing apparatus filters, washers, foam packaging and velcro pads.

Our modern CNC presses utilise lower cost knife tools which can be quickly be changed over.

Any components which requires to be cut from sheets or rolls of raw material can be manufactured and supplied by Scandura.

  • Non asbestos soft gasket materials
  • Visors In PETG, Acetate or Polycarbon
  • Rubberised papers
  • Cork
  • Solid and foam rubber
  • Steel core
  • Steel face
  • Embossed steel
  • Rubber coated steel
  • Graphite
  • High temperature insulating materials
  • Filter media
  • Fibreglass mesh
  • Vulcanised fibre
  • Silicone-beaded gaskets
  • Velcro Parts

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