Covid-19 Statement

The health, safety and wellbeing of every employee is our priority.

Throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have taken practical steps, and implemented robust measures, to ensure the welfare of our employees, sub-contractors and partners. We have followed and continue to follow the latest government and public health guidance.

A full COVID-19 risk assessment of our site activities has been completed along with the introduction of a range of fully documented, communicated and implemented COVID-19 specific work procedures and company policies. These procedures will be kept under permanent review during the duration of the pandemic and where necessary amended to take account of the very latest government guidance and advice.

Throughout our site’s activities are being completed in accordance with our COVID-19 work procedures which aim to ensure maximum social distancing and hygiene is maintained. All employees whether at work or on return from Furlough are provided with COVID-19 training which explains the background to the risk assessment activity that has been conducted and the importance of adhering to the various company COVID-19 work procedures.

Further details regarding the company’s COVID-19 risk assessment and its associated COVID-19 specific work procedures are available on request to genuine interested parties.